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CODASControl & Data Acquisition System
CODASCerebro Oculo Dento Auriculo Skeletal Syndrome (rare medical condition)
CODASCommon Oceanographic Data Access System
CODASChildren of Divorce and Separation (support group)
CODASConstrained Optimisation Design of Aerodynamic Shapes (computer science)
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Caribbean and Pacific whales have different repertoires of codas, like a regional dialect, but the "Five Regular" call-a pattern of five evenly spaced clicks- is thought to have the universal function of individual identity because it is used by sperm whales worldwide.
The apparently redundant attachment of the plural morpheme results from general restrictions on coda obstruents in combination with the need for overt realization of morphemes in prominent positions.
However, definitive experiments confirming that whales learn to imitate codas or other behaviors will probably never be conducted, he notes.
To meet the safe harbor for ACP purposes, the CODA rules must be met.
The Coda 7 is only 12" high by 7" wide by 9" deep, and contains a 5" doped pulp cone woofer placed above a 1" fabric dome tweeter.
During the 1980s CODA plans underwent numerous refinements and clarifications of the rules as the Treasury Department and pension professionals gained experience with their implementation.
O programa estatistico selecionou tres variaveis relevantes para producao correta das codas simples (lexical e morfologica) e complexa.