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CODASYLConference on Data Systems Language
CODASYLConference On Data Systems Languages
CODASYLConference of Data System Languages
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Report of the CODASYL Database Task Group, ACM, Apr.
Interestingly, had relational database systems not been popularized, CODASYL and hierarchical database systems would, today, face similar problems to those which Baker attempts to attribute exclusively to the relational realm.
Today's challenge is to develop database systems which carry forward both the equivalent, or better, modeling power of CODASYL and network database systems and the data independence and declarative query language features of relational database systems.
Figure 2 shows a CODASYL network database that represents the Bureau's data.
1) Each IMS segment or CODASYL record that represents a real-world entity will be converted into a table in the relational database.
3) Each IMS logical chld pair or CODASYL juncture record that accomplishes a many-to-many relationship will be converted into a table in the relational database.
Beginning with the IMS database in Figure 1 (the steps for the CODASYL network database in Figure 2 are similar), the conversion to the relational database in Figure 3 proceeds in the following manner.
The databse design effort involves expansion and redesign of an existing CODASYL schema into a relational schema.
This is a VAX DBMS database structured according to the CODASYL network model.
developer of CODASYL DBMS, the leading MES database for OpenVMS Alpha platforms; and Avnet Computer, the industry's largest reseller of Digital Equipment systems.
The new AlphaServers support versions of Oracle CODASYL DBMS as well as WorkStream, enabling operation of the new system to follow similar steps already working in fab facilities.
Oracle's acquisition of CODASYL DBMS has provided us the opportunity to work with an important customer base that is very strategic to Oracle,'' said Jerry Held, senior vice president, Oracle Server Technologies.