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CODASYLConference on Data Systems Language
CODASYLConference On Data Systems Languages
CODASYLConference of Data System Languages
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CODASYL. Report of the CODASYL Database Task Group, ACM, Apr.
Interestingly, had relational database systems not been popularized, CODASYL and hierarchical database systems would, today, face similar problems to those which Baker attempts to attribute exclusively to the relational realm.
Today's challenge is to develop database systems which carry forward both the equivalent, or better, modeling power of CODASYL and network database systems and the data independence and declarative query language features of relational database systems.
That meeting established the CODASYL. Executive Committee and the Short Range Committee, as well as other committees.
Such interfaces were popularized by the CODASYL proposals of the 1970s and are used in some of the recent object-oriented systems.
The second approach was typified by the standards of the Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL).
These nonprocedural languages are dramatically easier to use than the navigation languages of IMS and CODASYL; they lead to higher programmer productivity and facilitate direct database access by end users.
We will supplement our discussion with comments about the CODASYL network model [13, 22].
[7] CODASYL Data Base Task Group, April 1971 Report, ACM, New York.
One of the earliest attempts to understand and classify the EUC phenomenon was the Codasyl report on end-user computing facilities [7].
The databse design effort involves expansion and redesign of an existing CODASYL schema into a relational schema.
This is a VAX DBMS database structured according to the CODASYL network model.