CODBCost of Doing Business
CODBCombat Operations Database
CODBContinuity of Operations - Data Backup
CODBCall of Duty Boards (gaming message boards)
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Later this month, the 2016 CODB survey will be available, and we'd love for you to participate.
Asset performance numbers from CODB tell a stark tale.
So, while the Christmas lights are still twinkling, pop in "Moneyball," download a copy of the latest CODB and get ready to hit some home runs in 2016.
With all of these positives that can come from participating in and utilizing the information provided by the CODB, it really perplexes me why EVERY retailer doesn't participate in it.
Retailers call us just about every week for numbers from the CODB as they scramble to get information together for a meeting with the bank.
The important thing to note here is that, the more of you who participate in the CODB, the stronger the data is for everyone.
By participating in the CODB, you can not only gain a better understanding of how your business is performing, but you can also help other fellow independent retailers gain perspective on their operations, because there truly is strength in numbers.
If you would like more information about how you can participate in the CODB this year, please contact Sara Logel, our market research analyst, at SLogel@nrha.
Average of five years' historical assets due to influence of response data ** Total Sales not included in CODB study Income Statement 2013 Net Sales 100% Cost of Goods Sold 73.
To use the CODB, users select "Analyze Your Own Business Performance," then select whether they want to look at results for a hardware store, home improvement center or lumber/ building materials dealer and compare performance.
According to NRHA's CODB, high-profit hardware stores have operating expenses of 36.
According to the CODB, payroll expense for high-profit hardware stores is less than 19.