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CODECooperative Development Environment
CODECampaign for an Open Digital Environment
CODECanadian Organization for Development Through Education
CODECollaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
CODECouncil of Ontario Directors of Education
CODEClient/Server Open Development Environment
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CODEConference Of Diocesan Executives
CODEComisión Oaxaqueña de Defensa Ecológica (Spanish: Oaxacan Green Defense Commission; Mexico)
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CODECommittee on Disordered Eating (Manitoba, Canada)
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It was clearly and precisely defined in the code of principles by which he was guided.
While Prince Andrew went to report about the purple-faced general, that gentleman- evidently not sharing Boris' conception of the advantages of the unwritten code of subordination- looked so fixedly at the presumptuous lieutenant who had prevented his finishing what he had to say to the adjutant that Boris felt uncomfortable.
But it has been found by the wisest of our Circles or Statesmen that the multiplication of restrictions on Females tends not only to the debilitation and diminution of the race, but also to the increase of domestic murders to such an extent that a State loses more than it gains by a too prohibitive Code.
The liberal military code makes provision for hanging many kinds of persons, and gentlemen are not excluded.
You do not know that the message was in code, and in any case it was liable to be picked up by any steamer within the circle.
"If this law were adopted, sir," said the procureur, "it would greatly simplify our legal codes, and in that case the magistrates would not (as you just observed) have much to do."
The philosopher, the poet, or the religious man will of course wish to cast his vote with the democrat, for free-trade, for wide suffrage, for the abolition of legal cruelties in the penal code, and for facilitating in every manner the access of the young and the poor to the sources of wealth and power.
The same gentleman had given them a code of laws, to which they conformed with scrupulous fidelity.
In fine, to conclude this code of morals, I thought of reviewing the different occupations of men in this life, with the view of making choice of the best.
It would almost seem that, according to their peculiar code of morals, the pilfering of a hatchet or a wrought nail from a European, is looked upon as a praiseworthy action.
The criminal code of every country partakes so much of necessary severity, that without an easy access to exceptions in favor of unfortunate guilt, justice would wear a countenance too sanguinary and cruel.
How thin a veneering of "chivalry" covered the essential brutality of the code under which such encounters were possible we shall see.