CODELCongressional Delegation
CODELCoalition for Democracy in Liberia
CODELCombustion Developments Ltd
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I began to feel the issues at CODEL, which over forty years supported one thousand small-scale projects--organic farming, women's literacy, micro-enterprise, and organic forestry through funds from Lutheran World Relief (LWR), United Church Board for World Ministries, Maryknoll Sisters, and Heifer Project Intl.
Back in Kabul, the press section is jumping by midmorning: With one officer traveling with the CODEL and another sitting in as the New York Times interviews the political counselor on Taliban reconciliation, the assistant information officer must oversee the ambassador's appearance at the opening of an anticorruption workshop.
Last weekend, on Mother's Day, a number of women - an all-women CODEL - went to Afghanistan.
Two congressional delegations, known as CODELs, were already planning visits.
RefCoords do it all: reporting on displacement crises, advocating for fair treatment of refugees and displaced persons with host governments, briefing visiting CODELs, monitoring the U.
Recess weeks are usually taken up with campaigning, fundraising, town hall meetings, and codels (congressional delegation travel), in addition to other non-floor-related Senate business,'' said Betty Koed, an associate historian for the U.
And among other things, we determined that in 1979, in the embassy in Riyadh, we had two Foreign Service officers who spoke Arabic and they spent 40 percent of their time squiring around CODELs.
We now have Codels and mancomunidades, when we then had community development and credit unions and co-ops.
Ruskin argued that all official travel should be limited to codels with no-frills agendas and that the public should be willing to pay for the outings.
Now these new entities, such as Codels in Honduras and mancomunidades in Guatemala, are demonstrating that unity leads to strength and that nonviolent ways can achieve social change.
As for the perks--the Codels (congressional delegations--read "PX shopping spress"), free airport parking, private ambulances--so what?
Guy is a rare DIR with teaching duties: She leads a two-hour seminar on "The Practice of Diplomacy," where students write cables for visiting CODELs and dissent channel messages and prepare testimony for their ambassadorial confirmation hearings, she said.