CODESHCouncil for Democratic and Secular Humanism
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Special invitation to readers of Fl to become Charter Associate Members of CODESH.
Plans for CODESH's new headquarters, Center for Inquiry, announced.
Coalition of Secular Humanism and Freethought announced: CODESH, Prometheus Books, SOS, Humanist Association of Canada, Rationalist Association, Institute for First Amendment Studies, Mexican Association for Ethical Rationalism.
CODESH announces sale of booklets for "Celebration and Ceremonies for Secular Humanists."
CODESH announces new award, "Secular Humanist Mentors," for leaders.
Need endowment of $800,000 ($400,000 from CODESH), plus $500,000 to build library and provide funds for acquisitions, Total capital needs: $1,300,000 (1/2 CODESH).
IHEU and CODESH sponsored effort to apply secularism to Islamic world.
$10 million for CODESH over 10 years, and $10 million for CSICOP
CODESH announced that it would like to train people to perform secular celebrations and ceremonies, and will embark on offering celebrations and ceremonies.
I do not claim to speak for other humanists, but I suspect that if Flynn's views are now or ever become CODESH's party line, many of us will grow disenchanted and seek out or form a humanist body that stands up for everyone's constitutional rights - including those of Christians.
Jane Wynne Willson's practical guidebooks on how to arrange and conduct secular celebrations are now available from CODESH. New Arrivals and To Love and to Cherish (on baby welcomings and weddings respectively) cost $7.50 each, and Funerals without God costs $9.95.
This article is based on a talk delivered at the opening of CODESH's Center for Inquiry project at Westminster College, Oxford (see page 35).