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CODESIGNCooperative Activity in the Area of System Design and Hardware/Software Co-
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The measured parameters, via the proposed HW/SW codesign strategy, performed gate-level cycle-accurate performance prediction.
Areibi, "A hardware/software codesign architecture for packet classification," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Microelectronics, pp.
Finally, the following electromechanical codesign formulation was proposed to determine the thickness of the facesheet and honeycomb which can simultaneously meet the mechanical and electrical requirements.
Several papers have already been published on antenna/filter codesign [3-10], but studies are limited to the insertion of a filtering function close to, or in, the volume of the antenna, without taking into account the uncontrolled radiation of the filter in the rejected bandwidth.
In the autumn, the proposals will be further designed directly with farmers through a "codesign programme" to ensure they work on the ground.
The body of literature in support of scientific codesign and coproduction (in which scientists and other social groups work together to produce new knowledge) is significant, and one could easily marshal Parthasarathy's analysis of life form patents to test the extension of similar concepts--such as the inclusion of nonexpert stakeholders and nonmarket values--to policy-making.
Denn Reallabore waren immer als Orte gedacht, in denen sich durch codesign und gemeinsame Wissensproduktion konkrete und langfristige gesellschaftliche Veranderungsprozesse vollziehen.
Now 300 volunteers will be recruited and trained to help codesign projects in their communities, act as tour guides, help with research and raise awareness.