CODFCrystallite Orientation Distribution Function
CODFClan of Destructive Forces (online gaming)
CODFCommander, Operation Deep Freeze
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The horizontal flow constructed wetlands effectively removed COD, CODf and heavy metal (Pb, Cd, Hg) from pre-treated landfill leachate and achieved concentrations below the Colombian standard.
Clinically, CODF presents as a slow growth asymptomatic mass which, in most cases, can remain unknown until the appearance of a swelling.
In 1980, Gardner described odontogenic fibroma and classified it into three different related lesions namely (1) the hyperplastic dental follicle, (2) a fibrous neoplasm with varying collagenous fibrous connective containing nests of odontogenic epithelium (CODF simple type) and (3) a more complicated lesion with features of dysplastic dentin or cementum like tissue with varying amounts of odontogenic epithelium (WHO type) which was later designated as CODF WHO type.
The central odontogenic fibroma (CODF) remains incompletely understood.
CODF usually appears as a unilocular radiolucency with well defined borders, but may also exhibit a multilocular appearance with scalloped margins.