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CODGConventional Open Distal Gastrectomy
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Compared with ODG method in [7] and CODG method in [9], it is more flexible and effective in suppressing interferences and noise.
Firstly, in an ideal array model, we compare the performances of new method, conventional beamforming (CBF), ODG method and CODG method in case 1.
Case 1: In this example, CODG method with [K.sub.0] = 451.7 is used while [K.sub.0] = 451.7 corresponds to the demanded array efficiency of superdirective beamforming.
To guarantee the robustness of the two methods, [K.sub.0] = 0.8 is given in CODG method while [K.sub.0] = 0.8 and [U.sub.1] = -8 dB are prescribed in new method.
Therefore, the proposed method is devolved to CODG method.
For comparison, CODG methods with [K.sub.0] = 6 and [K.sub.0] = 3 are present in Fig.