CODICEComplex Documents Indexing by Content Exploitation (archive project)
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The book also includes appendices of previously published editions of pages from White Monastery Codices GC and GB, the libraries in which specific pages are located, and sigla, plates of individual pages, and indices.
The descriptions will allow researchers to select specific codices or repositories according to their particular needs.
The codices range in size from smaller than 3in x 2in to around 10in x 8in.
And metallurgical tests on one of the codices indicate they could date from the first century AD.
Of the most important and unique of these is his tabling and color-coding of the differences between the Uthmani codices (p.
And yet they have a richness of spirit that comes from being a part of a vital tradition extending back all the way to the Popul Vuh, one of four surviving codices of the ancient Mayans, whose scientific and religious writings were recorded in books printed on bark-based paper with the pages folded like accordions.
Philip Rousseau revisits the long-running controversy surrounding the possible relationship between the codices discovered at Nag Hammadi and the nearby monasteries of Pachomius's federation, drawing on Michael William's analysis of the bibliographical organization of the individual Nag Hammadi codices.
When users download the purported video codices they are actually downloading several Trojan horse programmes:
The exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum, which was organized by Patricia Hickson of the Des Moines Art Center in Iowa and will travel to the Palm Springs Art Museum in California this fall, demonstrates that in all the various media in which Chagoya has worked over the past twenty-five years--from large-format charcoal drawings to paintings, codices to editioned prints--the artist has consistently explored the formal and cultural oppositions through which identity and meaning are articulated.
However, he partially corrects himself about the codices with the following disclaimer: "Scholars disagree, but Burroughs insists that the Maya codices, which he studied in Mexico in the late forties and early fifties "are undoubtedly books of the dead; that is to say, directions for time travel" (1997, 148).
Guy Harwood and Greville Starkey enjoy a Folkestone double, where Codices wins the conditions race and Cap del Mond makes a long-delayed and successful debut by upsetting Fulke Johnson Houghton's odds-on Franchise in the long-distance maiden.