CODLAGCombined Diesel Electric and Gas (turbine; ship propulsion configuration)
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ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) are building the ships which displace 7200 tonnes and use a CODLAG propulsion system based on a single GE LM-2500 gas turbine providing a maximum speed of 20 knots (37km/h) using diesel-electric propulsion, and 26 knots (48km/h) using the gas turbine.
Code to Cods and Cogs CODAD COmbined Diesel And Diesel COGAG COmbined Gas turbine And Gas turbine COGOG COmbined Gas turbine Or Gas turbine CODAG COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine CODOG COmbined Diesel Or Gas turbine CODLAG COmbined Diesel-eLectric And Gas turbine
The CODLAG configuration of the Type 23 frigates, the four-boat programme for the Upholder class of conventionally powered submarines, and the British and Saudi Arabian requirements for the Sandown-class SRMH not only underline the dominant position of the Paxman Valenta series in the market but also its versatility in the 540 to 3670 kW power range.