CODMChief Operating Decision Maker
CODMClub Omnisport De Meknes (Moroccan football club; Meknes, Morocco)
CODMCrusaders of Drunken Might (gaming clan)
CODMcorrected oven-dry matter
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The CODM is often the company's CEO or COO; however, Topic 280 does not require the CODM to have ultimate decision-making authority.
Entretemps, il a ete prete au Club Marinos de Yokohama avant de retrouver le meme Club Africainde Tunisie jusqu'a 2002 ou il etait revenu au Maroc chez le Moghreb de Fes lors de la saison (2002-2003) et le retour au bercail ou il a tire sa reverence au CODM en 2004 a l'age de 32 ans.
The things that doctors Licari and Munk said really drove home how serious this issue is," said Spencer Burnham, a third-year student at the CODM.
Regularly reviewed' by the CODM means more than just looking at the reporting package and organizational chart.
The bulk of the book focuses on the CODM (consensus-oriented decision making) method, but also occasionally references other models, such as nonviolent communication or the focused conversation method.
Al Nasser kick off their campaign in the two-week event on the opening day against Kazma, then face off with CODM Meknes the following day.
The Company's CODM reviews gross profit as the lowest and only level of segment profit.
When the CODM regularly receives reports that present discrete operating results for business units, the SEC staff presumes that the CODM uses these reports to manage and assess performance and allocate resources, thus implicating those business units as operating segments.
Le programme comprend des matches importants et tres spectaculaires dont le derby de la region de Fes-saiss entre le Widad Fes et le CODM Meknes, leader du championnat.
The staff will look at information provided to the CODM, because some companies assert that the CODM receives detailed information about business components but doesn't use it.
Ceux des clubs de la seconde division sont ASS (2) et CODM (1).
La FRMBB a egalement programme la finale dames entre le CODM Meknes et l'AS FAR le meme jour a partir de 16h00 egalement a la salle Ibn Yassine.