CODOFILCouncil for the Development of French in Louisiana
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Mouton explained that he was one of several sponsors of Acts 408 and 409 of 1968 and that the idea of creating CODOFIL came about through "brainstorming" done by him and Jimmy Domengeaux.
Note the telling change in the official name of CODOFIL from the Act 409 iteration "Council for the Development of Louisiana-French" to the current "Council for the Development of French in Louisiana.
Historian Shane Bernard noted in passing that CODOFIL has had three names, the second one being "Council for the Development of French-Speaking Louisiana.
Hebert, supra note 43; see also BERNARD, supra note 1, at 110 (listing CODOFIL's "emphasis on standard French" as one of the reasons so many Cajuns were apathetic about CODOFIL and its educational program); Gold, supra note 39, at 228 (noting "the CODOFIL commitment to standard or international French"); Jacques Henry, Homing in on the Field, in WORKING THE FIELD: ACCOUNTS FROM FRENCH Louisiana 118, 131 (Jacques Henry & Sara Le Menestrel eds.
C]hildren enrolled in CODOFIL programs received only a half-hour of French instruction daily, which left virtually no impression on the English-speaking youths.
See Becky Brown, The Development of a Louisiana French Norm, in FRENCH AND CREOLE IN LOUISIANA, supra note 36, at 215-35, ("Traditionally, CODOFIL officially promoted the French of France only.
But unlike most FATs, who only signed up for duty in Louisiana to avoid military conscription in France, Belgium, and Canada, and who felt "culturally superior" to Cajuns and Creoles of Color, see MARK MATTERN, ACTING IN CONCERT: MUSIC, Community, and POLITICAL Action 95 (1998), Assier-Andrieu respected and enjoyed the Mamou Francophone community and was thoroughly dismayed when Director James Domengeaux and other CODOFIL executives chose to ignore his report.
Je trouve dommage que le CODOFIL n'accorde pas de bourse pour l'etude du francais cadien a LSU.
De telles plaintes concernant la perte de l'identite francolouisianaise et le refus de la part du CODOFIL de suivre la consigne legislative se faisaient deja entendre peu d'annees apres l'etablissement du CODOFIL.
Dans une entrevue recente, Edgar Mouton explique qu'il a ete un des initiateurs des lois 408 et 409 de 1968 et que l'idee de creer CODOFIL etait le produit de ses conversations avec Jimmy Domengeaux.
Vide Becky Brown, The Development of a Louisiana French Norm, in FRENCH AND CREOLE IN Louisiana, supra note 36, a 215-35 ("Traditionally, CODOFIL officially promoted the French of France only.
L'auteur fait reference ici au programme du CODOFIL qui envoie des etudiants a l'Universite Ste Anne en Nouvelle Ecosse Education, CODOFIL, http://web.