CODOGDiesel Or Gas Turbine
CODOGCombination Diesel or Gas (Turbine)
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So, Codog and his team took the task and gave the fleet that needed touch of 'Money'.
The ships' propulsion is achieved by a CODOG system combining two RollsRoyce MT30 gas turbines, four MTU diesel generators and two electric motors.
Codog added that using Foilainterior wrap cuts down on expensive and limited natural resources, saves money and more importantly, is eco-friendly.
Felly dyna lle roeddwn i'n suddo i'r mwd, yn llithro dros y gwymon codog man a'r gwymon codog bras ac yn rhyfeddu at ba mor fawr oedd y mor-wiail wrth drio croesi i'r ynys.
This 1295tonne Codog ship with traditional shafts, which may be about to replace its Elta EL/M-2218S radar with the IAI Elta MF-Star active array sensor, has an Elbit NTCCS combat management system, Boeing (formerly McDonnell Douglas) Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles, and was the first to feature an effective surface-to-air missile system in the form of the Israel Aerospace Industries Barak 1.
He chose to ride a Lamborghini, driven by Pinoy businessman Lester Codog, a licensed pilot and car enthusiast, on his way to the Solaire Resort and Casino, just 10 minutes away.
Danhug Barangay Captain Jeovane Codog said he considers it an honor for the barangay to host the evacuation center.
Un nodwedd o'r creigiau yma ydi fod y gwymon codog bras yn amlwg iawn ac mae hyn fel arfer yn dynodi traeth cysgodol.
Gwymon arall ddefnyddid oedd y gwymon codog mn (Fucus vesiculosus; bladder wrack).
These are called CODOG, for Combined Diesel or Gas Turbine Systems; diesel is used in low power and cruise operation, the turbine is used when high speeds are needed.
The vessel's combined diesel or gas (CODOG) propulsion configuration of motor transport unit (MTU) diesel engines and LM2500 gas turbine with controllable pitch propellers (CPP) enable the ship to move to a maximum speed of 25 knots to a distance of 4,000 nautical miles.