CODPCollege of Digital Photography (South Africa)
CODPCommission Ontarienne des Droits de la Personne (French: Ontario's Commission for Human Rights; Ontario, Canada)
CODPCombination of Different Properties (genetic variants)
CODPChildren of Divorced Parents
CODPCertified Organization Development Professional
CODPCommunity Olympic Development Program (est. 1996)
CODPCanara Organization for Development and Peace (India)
CODPCare of the Dying Clinical Pathway (Queensland, Australia)
CODPCustomer Order Decoupling Point
CODPCollege of Operating Department Practitioners
CODPComputational Optical and Discharge Physics
CODPCycle-Oriented Distributed Pre-Configuration
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In the first level, product families are formed and the location of CODP are determined for each of them (Van Donk et al., 2001; Zaerpour et al., 2009; Hemmati & Rabbani, 2010; Rafiei & Rabbani, 2011; Rabbani et al., 2014, Ghalehkhondabi & Suer, 2018).
Stump e Badurdeen (2012) detalham essa integracao e demonstram que a aplicabilidade dos principios Lean depende da posicao do ponto de desacoplamento do produto (CODP).
Influence of new inserted order on CODP is not considered in this paper; that is, the CODP is assumed unchanged.
As a result, a working party was formed by members of the RCoA, the AAGBI, the AfPP, the CODP and relevant experts from the NPSA.
L'avis de la CODP a pris la forme d'une demande d'intervention judiciaire dans une affaire concernant une plainte d'agression sexuelle deposee par une femme musulmane.
As proposed by Wang, Chen, and Li (2006), the customer order decoupling point (CODP) could be in any position of the operation processes and the position of CODP depends on the company's vision of postponement.
The gesture has been organized by the Chernobyl Orphanage Development Programme (CODP) which was set up by journalist Tom McEnaney last year.
The concept of customer order decoupling point (CODP) refers to the point in the material flow from where customer order-driven activities take place[13,14].
Strategic supply chain planning in a multi-echelon environment: identification of the CODP location constrained by controllability and service requirements.
Thus, the effect of a customer order decoupling point (CODP) location on scheduling performance must be taken into consideration.
Gopee (2008) suggests that this concept has been evolving and developing since the early 1970s, but it was formally adopted by the nursing profession in the 1980s and subsequently by Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) (CODP 2009).
This point of transition from MTS to MTO is called the Order Penetration Point (OPP) (Olhager, 2003) or Customer Order Decoupling Point (CODP) (Jodlbauer, 2008).