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CODYCome On Die Young (Mogwai album)
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"The bigger picture has to be looked at and that's happening right now with a major review of the fixtures going on," reasoned Cody.
They accepted the prosecution's case that Cody's injuries were likely due to an "episode of abusive head trauma involving a shaking mechanism".
Newport Crown Court heard Jones became "frustrated" with Cody after being unable to settle him and stop him from crying, leading to him grabbing his son and repeatedly shaking him.
In summer '14 Cody and Whitney were on one of their common scouting missions when they glassed a typical 12-pointer with worlds of potential.
It's like a 45-day experience, and I don't want to be away from Jessica that long," Cody said.
Cody walked on and picked up another shell with rib-like formations on its side.
Assistant Fire Marshal Amy Linder raised Cody from a 6-week-old puppy.
Cody, of Goodison Road, in Walton, was jailed for 18 weeks at Liverpool Magistrates' Court yesterday after admitting four thefts and four breaches of the CBO.
alg w Victim David Kingsbury, 35, was a stranger to Cody when he w st stabbed him in Wellington Road on January 5.
Cody stripped to his boxers and kicked his clothes into a corner, mounding them like a snow drift.