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While the MOEs calculated in this article (Table 1) aligned with the preferences of the SSEB, which were heavily weighted towards gunner safety, it is possible that the initial Army COEA did not adequately consider what turned out to be the most important objective--gunner safety.
Finally, there is little written procedure for how to accomplish the documentation, to include the MAA, MNA, and COEA. It was discovered that some documents are created not as part of the process but after the fact as backfill or "box-checks" for those that are missing.
With the issuance of the COEA, however, the HTS is under consideration for the ultimate PDF solution.
According to Air Force sources familiar with planning for the COEA, the service initially had intended a fairly standard examination of the options presently available for the manned destructive SEAD mission.
Now the Advanced Integrated EW Suite (AIEWS), the newest challenger in the "next-generation shipboard EW" derby, appears ready at long last to emerge from a cost and operational effectiveness assessment (COEA) that began in 1992.
The Air Force also expects to have a Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis (COEA) document ready next month that will reflect an advanced missile warning system that will provide missile launch detection and approach warning as well as trigger automatic countermeasures response.
The missile warning office is deeply involved in the Air Force's Cost and Operational Effectiveness Assessment (COEA) effort for missile warning.
For example, the Air Force is farther along the MAWS paper trail and expects to wrap up the MAWS cost and operational effectiveness assessment (COEA) it began last June by this September.
According to Dan McCoy, associate for EW in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for RD&A, the program is currently embroiled in the cost and effectiveness operational evaluation (COEA) phase, with Milestone I expected to be reached in October 1993.
The review will come in the form of a cost and operational effectiveness assessment (COEA).
On Monday Ivanov met with ThorbjA[cedilla]rn Jagland and Philippe Boillat, Director General of the CoEas Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs, according to the press office of Bulgariaas Justice Ministry.