COECAOutcomes of Educational and Clinical Approaches
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25-225 SDF D T Minuspio cirrifera 25-625 SDF D T Dipolydora coeca 25-1,100 SDF D T Pseudopolydora sp.
He does know who he is and, although often confused by what others say and do, he sticks to his guns in proclaiming "I'm Dai Dando, I am, from the Coeca in Ponty.
* (Cs), Gammarus oceanicus (Go), Gammarus mucronatus (Gm); Isopods--Edotea triloba (Et), Chiridotea coeca (Cc), Idotea baltica (Ib); Polychaetes--Orbinia ornata (Oo), Neanthes succinia (Ns), Pectinaria gouldii (Pg), Ampharete spp.