COEIComponents Of End Item
COEICenter for Occupational Employment Information (New Jersey)
COEICoastal and Offshore Engineering Institute (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
COEICentral Office Equipment Installation (telecommunications)
COEIComposition of Ending Inventory
COEICenter on Entrepreneurial Innovation (Independent Institute; Oakland, CA)
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The TMs are available in PDF (portable document format) and are easily searched using the search function to identify the COEI and BIT (typically found at the back of the manual).
Key takeaway: if it's not clearly identified as a shortage, with a shortage annex initialed by the commander, whoever signs for an end item is signing for all of the COEI and BII associated with that end item.
Sometimes the component list that you've given to them will be the first time that they ever knew they were responsible for certain COEI or BII; other times (most often), they need the incentive to dig through lockers and tough boxes and containers to find all the additional pieces that were never used.
Armed with the property book, the PBUSE-generated component lists, and the pages from the TMs that identify the required COEI and BII, you're finally ready to physically show that equipment to the incoming commander.
This phase consists of organizing all the information about missing and broken COEI and BII, ensuring that sub-hand receipt holders have signed for the correct property, accounting for any discrepancies with the property book or the component lists, updating and making corrections to the master property book and PBUSE, ordering parts, filling shortages and trying not to get emotional (i.
Shortage annexes are basically the opposite of component lists; they identify what COEI and BIT are missing from particular end items.
The common practice is not to generate or include a shortage annex if there are no COEI or BII missing, but what happens if a shortage annex is lost or misplaced?
Both these parts are required for the MK 19 to function, but because they're not listed as COEI, units aren't keeping track of them.
I suggest that units treat the bracket and feed throat as COEI and start accounting for them.
COEI are authorized by the end item's technical manual.