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COERCEConglomerate of Established Resources Co-Operating Efficiently (gaming community)
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Perpetrators use real or perceived power to groom, threaten and coerce victims JACQUI MONTGOMERY DEVLIN barnardo's
Taiwan first chooses whether to trade or not, after which China decides whether to exploit the trade relationship and coerce Taiwan.
Congress, too, understands that as a matter of constitutional first principles it may not coerce unwilling citizens to participate in social service programs in which religion is an essential element," and therefore has insisted that, in "faith-based" social services, "no person be coerced to participate in religious activities or programs.
Those of us who believe in God don't need to inject our faith into a patriotic affirmation and coerce all schoolchildren into going along.
This was especially true if a state was attempting to coerce or compel another state to undo something significant that it had already initiated.
3 on 29 charges alleging he used his position to coerce women into performing sexual acts, according to court records.
The strike already has sparked two complaints of unfair labor practices with the National Labor Relations Board, with one union alleging that Finch Pruyn failed to bargain in good faith and tried to intimidate or coerce union employees.
This calculation in turn leads us to contract with others to set up an absolute sovereign - a sovereign who has the power to coerce us to obey.
The rationale of Bumpers' proposal is that, whereas most independent contractors would have all of these characteristics, most "employees" could rarely claim more than a couple, making it more difficult for unscrupulous employers to coerce them.
Since this minimal value would surely not surpass the value required to coerce, earlier called n, coercion does not occur here.
The Petition for Review should be denied because the clear purpose and effect of Proposition A is to preserve a historically significant war memorial, not to proselytize a particular religious viewpoint or coerce any religious activity," the brief concluded.