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COERCEConglomerate of Established Resources Co-Operating Efficiently (gaming community)
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You cannot be using power to bully or to coerce people.
Hence, there is no duty on persons to obey the law and no right of the state to coerce. Huemer thus joins the ranks of twenty-first-century philosophical defenders of an anarchist position that is rooted in a conception of the efficacy of voluntary and competitive institutions (see, for example, Gerard Casey, Libertarian Anarchy [London: Continuum Books, 2012]; Gary Chartier, Anarchy and Legal Order [Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2013]; and Aeon J.
"Perpetrators use real or perceived power to groom, threaten and coerce victims JACQUI MONTGOMERY DEVLIN barnardo's
(99) Therefore, establishing that the perpetrator abused his power to coerce submission under these circumstances suffices, without more, to determine sexual coercion.
Draft Article 18 is the most recent rubric for holding a coercing state indirectly responsible for an injurious act committed by a coerced state: A State which coerces another State to commit an act is internationally responsible for that act if: (a) the act would, but for the coercion, be an internationally wrongful act of the coerced State; and (b) the coercing State does so with knowledge of the circumstances of the act.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sparked criticism last week for making remarks that contended the Japanese military did not coerce Asian women into sexual servitude, provoking criticism from China and other countries that suffered under Japanese colonial rule.
Such a particular and vulnerable rhetorical posture challenges all efforts to coerce assent through not only institutional and political force, but also through epistemological games that manipulate people into feeling obliged to assent, games that typically involve making people embarrassed about the cultural particularity of their own perspectives in light of some presumed "wider world" that beckons with a more universalistic appeal, a claim to account for more of the cosmos than their own scandalously specific subjective space.
If B chooses to coerce, then a typical conflict escalation sequence follows: A can concede or not, and B can decide whether to punish or escalate to war if A does not concede.
Food advertisements at once both celebrated women's homemaking talents, and threatened women's insecurities to coerce the female demographic to buy the right products--their products.
The film shows Conlon as he is intimidated by the British police and as the police coerce Conlon and four of his friends into confessions.
"Congress, too, understands that as a matter of constitutional first principles it may not coerce unwilling citizens to participate in social service programs in which religion is an essential element," and therefore has insisted that, in "faith-based" social services, "no person be coerced to participate in religious activities or programs."