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COERCEConglomerate of Established Resources Co-Operating Efficiently (gaming community)
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And you probably thought it was wrong for police to coerce you into talking after you tell them you want a lawyer and do not want to talk.
StarSight should never have resorted to unlawful acts to coerce manufacturers to incorporate its system without regard to consumer interest," said Yuen.
and his colleagues have used very high pressures to coerce room-temperature helium to combine with nitrogen.
We intend to vigorously defend ourselves, and believe not only that J2's claims are without merit, but also that J2 has threatened and pursued litigation primarily to intimidate and coerce CallWave into detrimental business arrangements.
McCarthy was aware of the situation and used his position to coerce the plaintiff into similar sexual activity from February 1998 to August 1998, the suit said.
Most recently, Chief Deputy Larry Forsythe asserted Sheriff Bowles attempted to coerce him into signing a false affidavit regarding Danny Chandler, Bowles' opponent in the election.
and others charging them with conspiring together to coerce and force Morton and his associated entities to sell to Rank et al their entire Hard Rock interests at a price far below their fair market value.
Ormet's reorganization plan and disclosure statement, filed September 1 in United States Bankruptcy Court in Columbus, is an attempt "to coerce and intimidate our members and retirees into giving up hard won wages and benefits to line the pockets of management and financial speculators," said David McCall, Director of USWA District 1 in Ohio and the union's chief negotiator.
In letters to employees from Union President Greg Conger, Local 324 has tried to coerce and threaten employees against exercising this right.
It would be sinful and tyrannical, for example, for members of any political party to coerce nonmembers to contribute money to its causes.
The Soft Drink Industry Fair Dealing Act was meant to create a level playing field between independent local bottlers and giant international soft drink suppliers, with their unlimited resources to bully and coerce their bottlers," said John Rains, chief operating officer of Marion Pepsi-Cola.
Third, when you think about using the police power of the state to coerce payment and membership in a particular organization, and then you force the members to associate with positions that are objectionable to them, you've got constitutional questions being raised,'' Keene said.