COERSComprehensive Offender Employment Resource System
COERSCommittee on Electronic Resources and Services (Harvard University; Massachusetts)
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This study sought to add to optimal experience research in an undergraduate setting (Asakawa, 2010, Asakawa, 2004; Everett & Raven, 2015; Rogatko, 2009), established theory (Csikszentmihalyi, 1975), and methodological approaches in the context of leadership education (Rosch & Coers, 2013).
"The COERS program fosters quality improvement in robotic surgery, and participation has focused our team on exceeding clinical benchmarks and guidelines.
Let's face it, the SPFL get a pittance from TV and can't get a sponsor to bolster the coers.
Don't tell me any bride or groom doesn't at least expect what the cost of the meal per head was back in their coers as deep down that's what's going on in their heads, so woe be tide if you don't dip deep into your pockets for them!
e competitive nature of this league is at risk of eroding in the face of relegated top-ight clubs seeing their coers swelled to the tune of a neat PS60m, spread across four years.
But Morgan Stanley said the second half of the year will be better for the group, as the majority of the cash from its disposals will "ow into the group's coers. e broker adds that RSA's balance sheet is strong enough to support "a small interim dividend."
(2.) Coers W, Kempinga C, Klok PA, Timens W, Moshage H.
In general, studies indicate that individuals with spina bifida are at a higher risk of developing a depressed mood and lower self-worth (Hommeyer, Holmbeck, Wills, & Coers, 1999; SBAA, n.d.) than those without the disorder.
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Michael Coers died of natural causes Sunday at his home in Louisville, Ky., The Courier-Journal reported.
Last year at the Internet Librarian International Conference in London I presented with Rob Coers, an Internet training consultant from the Netherlands.