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COFDMCoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
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The transmitter features HD/SD-SDI or optional HDMI inputs with COFDM transmission in a small, lightweight chassis.
The symbol interleaver processes the bit groups to generate COFDM symbols.
The multi-way diversity coded orthogonal frequency domain multiplex (COFDM) receiver features less than two frames delay, according to the company, while combining RF inputs to ensure that the video is recovered "free from distortion".
Wu, "COFDM: an overview," IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, vol.
(UBS), a major developer of COFDM technology and applications, announces its participation at the 18th International Digital & Entertainment Technology Exhibition & Conference - Broadcast Asia 2013.
The link employed is based on the Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM), a form of modulation particularly well-suited to the needs of terrestrial broadcasting and especially for linking elements in a compartmented terrain such as an urban scenario.
The new TPNA-1000 offers a full complement of analog and digital test functions as standard features including: Tilt, C/N & HUM, Depth of Modulation, Spectrum Scanning Analysis, Channel Power, MER & BER, QAM, QPSK, COFDM and Return Path Noise.
The design is built around best-in-class components to achieve the required reception performance: a Micronas DRX 3975D COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) demodulator, a Microtune MicroTuner MT2060 digital TV tuner and a Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP controller.
If the signal goes through a repeater, the repeater does an in-band receive and transmit with an amplification and change in the modulation scheme, from TDMQPSK to coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex (COFDM).
TV station groups want to solve these problems by officially adopting the European DVB standard transmission (called COFDM) which uses multiple carriers (up to 8,000).
The integrated bundles include one of IMT's ultra-miniature wireless video systems -- IMTDragonFly or MicroLite 2 HD COFDM wireless video transmitter -- as well as a Marshall Mini-Broadcast POV Camera -- CV502 (HD-SDI) or CV505 (HD-SDI/HDMI).