COFEPOWChildren of Far East Prisoners of War (UK)
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On the same day, COFEPOW will open a museum at the park that charts the plight of POWs held by the Japanese.
I got involved with COFEPOW in 2001, after I realised I should be doing something about getting a permanent memorial set up at the Arboretum to honour PoWs like my Dad.
Keith Andrews, of COFEPOW, said: "The artefacts people such as Patrick Geeleher have mean a great deal to the families of prisoners of war.
Military groups represented include COFEPOW - The Children (and Families) of the Far East Prisoners of War - and SSAFA, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association.
The COFEPOW Association (children of the Far Eastern Prisoners of War) is interested and will no doubt try to trace any families of the names mentioned.