COFETELComisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (México)
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Some COFETEL officials contend the 450% growth in the value of the Mexican telecommunications market in the past five years creates the need for greater regulation and increased participation from foreign companies in the sector.
The SCT has not said when a decision would be made on the CFE proposal, but SCT deputy secretary for communications Jorge Alvarez Hoth views the COFETEL endorsement as favorable.
In testimony before Congress, COFETEL director Hector Osuna Jaime said his agency had filed a complaint with the court that granted the injunction, saying that the tribunal had overstepped its authority.
Unfortunately for the opposition parties, the Senate lost the power to ratify COFETEL commissioners in 2007, when Mexico's high court (Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, SCJN) ruled that the commission is an entity of the SCT and, therefore, part of the executive branch.
But some supporters of the television-opening process are urging COFETEL to take advantage of the opportunity to democratize the air waves.
But another COFETEL commissioner, Gonzalo Martinez Pous, said the timetable proposed by de Swaan was a little overoptimistic because there is not even a plan in place to handle concessions.
COFETEL will be in charge of coordinating a special commission of government agencies (Comision Intersecretarial para la Transicion Digital) that will manage the process.
The COFETEL recommended initiating 17 sanction proceedings against the monopoly - just in the past four years - but they did nothing to comply with the law.
While some analysts believe the new IFETEL would not be as political as COFETEL, some skeptics believe that politics could also enter into the decision-making process of the new institute despite the safeguards.
A study by COFETEL indicated that a major problem with Mexico's satellite industry is excessive bureaucracy, since any parties interested in providing services in Mexico face requirements that are difficult to meet.
Those locations had been left out of the original COFETEL plan.