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COFICost of Funds Index
COFICodec Filter
COFICouncil Of Forest Industries (Canada)
COFICommunity Organizing and Family Issues
COFICheckout and Fault Isolation
COFICoder/Decoder Filter (electrical engineering)
COFICommission/Committee on Fisheries
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Nomads' final change saw Jake Phillips replace Rob Hughes, with the left back utilising his long throw ins to put more pressure on the Cofi's end.
Y Pedwar Cofi secured four Yes votes and are now through to the next round of Britain's Got Talent.
The act is called Y Pedwar Cofi - with Alesha asking to call them Cofi for short.
As we show in Passmore and von Hafften (2018), the Fixed-COFI mortgage exploits the often-present prepayment-risk "wedge" between the traditional fixed-rate mortgage rate and the COFI mortgage rate.
It accepts data for the COFI for a given month from the COFI Reporting Members until 12 noon California time on the last business day of the following month and publishes the COFI for that given month based on data received by that time.
The CoFI model-based testing methodology combines conformity test validation with fault injection.
Fedra neb gymryd hynny oddi wrthon ni, ac efo'r Cofi Army tu ol i ni, fyddan nhw fatha'r 12th man yn erbyn Y Barri."
After Racing's Cofi's brilliant individual goal canceled out Dawood Diop's 11th minute free-kick, Salameh popped up deep into stoppage time to fire his side to a crucial win as they continued their march up the table following a slow start to the campaign.
Cofi and our affiliated companies today have essentially more than 100,000 customers, we are just not that well known at the market.
Subprime lender Credit One (NASDAQ: COFI) spurred this week's rate change by introducing a lower minimum APR to its Credit One Visa (NYSE: V) Platinum card.