COFIDECorporación Nacional de Desarrollo S.A. (Peruvian state owned bank)
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COFIDE's ratings reflect the strong probability that the entity would receive support from the Peruvian government, if needed.
Lima: Fondo Editorial UNMSM, Compania de Minas Buenaventura, COFIDE, Asociacion Educacional Antonio Raimondi.
Supporting Infrastructure Development Bank loan number 2 to COFIDE Export loan Sept.
We invested this money, and with the interest we opened a bank: COFIDE, or Financial Company for Development.
CIR is controlled by Cofide, itself controlled by the Italian entrepreneur Carlo De Benedetti and his family.
Cofide, the state's finance development corporation and Latino's principal creditor, took over the bank in December 1998 and, despite efforts to sell it to private investors, has retained an 86% stake.
Olivetti, through its parent company, COFIDE, is a major figure in publishing, telephony and interactive TV as well as a content provider.