COFLCordilleran Flycatcher (bird species Empidonax occidentalis)
COFLConfederation of Fish Lovers (online gaming)
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China Oncology Focus Limited ('COFL'), a 65%-owned subsidiary of the Group, is a drug development company specialised in oncology disease area.
Latin Name Common Species Shade Site Name Code Tolerance Affiliation Quercus Post oak QUST Intolerant Dry stellata Carya texana Black hickory CATE Intolerant Dry Pinus Longleaf pine PIPA Intolerant Dry palustris Pinus Shortleaf pine PIEC Intolerant Dry echinata Pinus Taeda Loblolly pine PITA Intolerant Mesic, dry Liquidambar Sweetgum LIST Intolerant Mesic, dry styraciflua Quercus Southern red oak QUFA Intermediate Dry falcata Acer rubrum Red maple ACRU Tolerant Mesic, dry Magnolia Southern magnolia MAGR Tolerant Mesic, dry grandiflora Ilex opaca American holly ILOP Very tolerant Mesic dry Cornus Flowering dogwood COFL Very tolerant Mesic, dry florida Table 2.