COGACollaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism
COGACommittee on the Office of the General Assembly (Presbyterian Church)
COGAColorado Oil and Gas Association (est. 1984; Denver, CO)
COGAConstitution Gardens (US National Park Service)
COGACluster-Oriented Genetic Algorithm
COGACouncil of Ghanaian Associations (Washington, DC)
COGAClyde Old Girls' Association (Australia)
COGACommunauté de Communes du Grand Avignon (French community of municipalities)
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Colorado can't proclaim that we're a jobs state if we don't recognize the importance of our business partners, and you clearly here at COGA are partners," Lynne said.
Recognizing the need to tease apart these genetic and environmental factors, COGA investigators conceived a large-scale multidisciplinary research program to develop resources both to define the spectrum of alcohol use disorders and to provide a well-defined study population that could be studied over time with new and emerging technologies.
Association of the GABRA2 receptor gene with a diagnosis of alcohol dependence originally was reported in the COGA study (Edenberg et al.
Genetic analyses in this subsample of the COGA dataset have implicated several different chromosomal regions as possibly containing one or more genes contributing to alcohol dependence; to related clinical characteristics (i.
Another GWASs was carried out in a case--control sample drawn from the families in the COGA, using individuals with AD (56 percent of whom also were dependent on illicit drugs) and individuals who used alcohol but were not dependent on alcohol or illicit drugs (Edenberg et al.
Data from the COGA project showed that variations in certain genetic factors may contribute to risk for a particularly severe form of alcohol dependence and comorbid drug dependence (Dick et al.
Jim Brown, Halliburton's Western hemisphere president and a member of the COGA advisory board, (http://www.
July 6 COGA Colorado Oil Golf Club at Bear Mark Pfingston
edu/niaaa/): COGA might be considered the "mother lode" of studies on the genetics of alcoholism, with more than 300 families and 3,000 individuals.
Significant associations were observed between the frontal [theta] EROS that were generated when COGA participants responded to a target stimulus and certain variants (i.
And over the 10 years I have been running COGA, I've seen a lot of changes in the ways that companies operate.