COGCCColorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
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it was granted primacy from EPA in 1984, the COGCC has enforced the
The majority of setback distances in the areas we studied are not derived from peer-reviewed data, data driven analysis, or historical events (Fry 2013)--they are a compromise between governments, the regulated community, environmental and citizen interest groups, and landowners (COGCC 2013).
It should be noted that the COGCC's director, Dave Neslin, offered to speak with Gas land's producer, Josh Fox, on camera during the filming of the movie.
* In 2013, COGCC passed a statewide baseline monitoring groundwater rule, the first of its kind, which required pre- and post-testing around well sites, Additionally, it passed an expanded well-setback rule, which increased the buffer zone required around buildings and homes, and mandated more communication from operators before they drill.
Thus, while the COGCC notes that in 2010, fracking only used 0.08% of Colorado's water, Ceres concluded that in that state, "97 percent of wells are being developed in regions of high or extremely high water stress." (57) Moreover, although some of the water comes back out of the well as flowback, and in some cases can be recycled and reused for fracking, much of the water is not reused, nor is the water returned to its source.
The COGCC described two spills as "notable", the rest as "minor".
The award has been presented to the company by Harris Sherman, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, and David Neslin, Director of the COGCC, at the Colorado Oil & Gas Association Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Strategy Conference and Investment Forum.
The COGCC estimates that 26% of the > 47,000 oil and gas wells in Colorado are located within 150-1,000 feet of a home or other type of building intended for human occupancy (COGCC 2012).
For examples of the variety of the types of enforcement actions taken, see General Users Guide to the COGCC Hearing Process, COLO.
Brian Macke, director of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), says that group tested numerous wells after residents complained.