COGECanadian Oil and Gas Evaluation (handbook)
COGEChurch of God, the Eternal
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This year, new components are being delivered for phase VI of the program: COGE (Operation Center of Electronic Warfare), the overall command system, and the Localization and Interception of Exotic Transmissions (LINX) system for intercepting and pinpointing modern enemy radio transmissions.
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Es diciente que el estudio de la COGES sobre los programas de doctorado en economia en Estados Unidos haya senalado que uno de los principales problemas de las nuevas cohortes de doctorandos es su poca creatividad, su torpeza para formular preguntas y temas de investigacion, y su pesima redaccion (1).
This is known as the COGES system, Sanneman explains, which is shorthand for "combined gas turbine/electric steam.
S&S integrated the gas and steam turbines in the COGES configuration.
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A major advantage of the COGES power plant is that it will lower noise and vibration levels.
The impulse behind this project was the interest in seeing how a modern ultra large container ship design could benefit from clean fuel and highly efficient COGES technology.
Now with HAZID meetings successfully completed, the consortium will proceed with securing a shipbuilding contract and will seek Approval in Principle to further validate the safety of the ship design including the COGES propulsion system and the LPG fuel supply, Bolsinger added.
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The deal will see GE Aviation supplying the COGES system used to provide all of the ship's power, including propulsion, while FESDEC will handle ferry design.
Thanks to the compact and lightweight attributes of GEs COGES arrangement, customers can realize an additional 4,000 cubic meters of LNG cargo space versus a traditional 174,000-cubic meter LNG carrier powered by dual fuel diesel engines, said HZ President Chen Jun.