COGELCouncil on Governmental Ethics Laws
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This project has been a major success for the city of Salvador," said Nailton Lantyer Filho, COGEL CEO.
Wavion is proud to partner with American Explorer and COGEL on this pioneering city-wide project in Salvador," said Tal Meirzon, Wavion's CEO.
In December 2004, four months after Cogels assumed office, the Water Resources Management Programme (WRMP) was renamed the Hydropower Programme, thus reflecting the commitment of the Secretariat to expand dam building in the lower Mekong basin.
Cogels puts the success down to the broad nature of the card, which allows customers to collect points on their Delhaize store shopping, petrol purchases from Q8 stores, clothing from C&A and other retailers are being brought on board.
But while Cogels is happy to send general information and offers to customers on the card scheme, he is wary of using the shopping data collected.
Hunton & Williams LLP served as project counsel to the transaction, led by John Deacon in London and Herve Cogels in Brussels.