COGEMACompagnie Générale des Matières Nucléaires (The Hague)
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The company noted it maintains a well funded treasury but wants to secure the particular debt instruments to speed up the Pathfinder takeover and to pursue other development and acquisition opportunities.Country: USASector: Metals/MiningTarget: Pathfinder Mines CorporationBuyer: Ur-Energy USA Inc, Ur-Energy IncVendor: AREVA Mining, COGEMA Resources IncDeal size in USD: 13.3mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: DebtStatus: Agreed
5) with 3 remarkable sites: the Cogema quarry (Mas d'Alary Member), the Rabejac quarry (Rabejac Fm), and the paleontological slab of "la Lieude" located at the top of the Salagou Fm.
General Analytical Instrumentation 2005-06 Market Share Growth Rate Electrochemistry 34.3% 4.5% Lab Balances 33.3% 2.3% Extraction/Digestion 18.7% 5.4% Radioactivity 13.7% 1.9% Total 100.0% 3.6% General Analytical Instrumentation Market Leaders Electrochemistry Hach (Danaher), Thermo Electron Lab Balances Mettler Toledo, Sartorius Radioactivity PerkinElmer, Cogema SPE Varian, Waters Extraction Dionex, CEM Digestion CEM, FOSS LLE/Soxhlet FOSS, Buchi
The French Cour de Cassation rejected an appeal by nuclear fuel cycle company Cogema on December 7, thereby confirming its condemnation of illegal stocking of nuclear waste coming from Australia to Cap la Hague.
A Limoges criminal Court dropped a case of October 14 against world nuclear fuel-cycle leader Cogema, accused of causing pollution in the Haute-Vienne.
In my 2003 report "The COGEMA File," my colleagues and I recorded the lamentable safety and environmental track record of the French nuclear giant.
COGEMA Resources, Idemitsu Uranium Exploration Canada Ltd.
AREVA's subsidiary, COGEMA Engineering Corporation (CEC), has received a contract from Bechtel National Inc.
(KEPCO) on Wednesday concluded a basic contract with France's state-owned nuclear fuel company COGEMA to place an order for processing plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel for use at its plutonium-thermal energy project in Fukui Prefecture, company officials said.
They have given enormous subsidies to Cameco and Cogema, who control the uranium industry.