COGEMACompagnie Générale des Matières Nucléaires (The Hague)
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In addition to Shirley Basin, NRC has moreover approved the license transfer for the Pathfinder Lucky Mc tailing site to COGEMA.
Country: USASector: Metals/MiningTarget: Pathfinder Mines CorporationBuyer: Ur-Energy USA Inc, Ur-Energy IncVendor: AREVA Mining, COGEMA Resources IncDeal size in USD: 13.
On April 12, 2005, the Caen Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Greenpeace in the Cogema case.
COGEMA Engineering Corporation is a multi-discipline engineering company providing project management, engineering and non-destructive examination services to the DOE and its prime contractors.
Under the two-phase basic contract, COGEMA will first need to clear Japanese requirements on MOX fuel quality in order to be picked as the fuel processor, the officials said.
Under Japan's contract with the French reprocessing firm COGEMA, the waste is to be shipped to northern Japan.
As Jean Syrota, president of the COGEMA Nuclear Corporation of France, noted in Le Monde, it would be relatively easy for the CIS to cut its energy consumption by 30 percent; the Moscow Center for Energy Efficiency puts that number at 40 percent.
Other key players in the French nuclear industry include CEA, Cogema, ANDRA, Eurodif and IRSN.
Ur-Energy's wholly-owned subsidiary, Ur-Energy USA Inc, will acquire all the issued and outstanding shares of Pathfinder from its sole shareholder, COGEMA Resources Inc, an AREVA Mining affiliate.
In 2004, the Armenian government went back on its commitment to close the power station and the French nuclear group Cogema signed a contract for euro 10 million at the beginning of October to build a nuclear waste storage facility, thereby extending the plant's use for a few more decades.
Cogema, a subsidiary of the French nuclear energy group Areva, had announced its intention to exploit the ore deposits to the east of Darwin in the north of Australia in February.
decided Friday to conclude a basic agreement to have France's state-owned nuclear fuel company COGEMA process plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel for its plutonium-thermal energy project in Fukui Prefecture, company officials said.