COGMECouncil on Graduate Medical Education
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(17) "In many cases, a complicated office visit is paid at a rate that is a fraction of a less time-consuming procedure," COGME has stated.
However, until we resolve factors discussed in the COGME report--including improved reimbursement, debt management, and decreased administrative burden--U.S.
(152) Since its inception, COGME has issued yearly reports
GMENAC denotes Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee; COGME, Council on Graduate Medical Education; AAFP, American Academy of Family Physicians.
The Council on Graduate Medical Education omitted PAs and NPs from its 2005 forecasts (COGME 2005), citing an inadequate research base.
Already, the 1996 ASA's House of Delegates has heard testimony on recommendations of COGME, IM, AAMC, and the Pew Commission to reduce the number of residency positions to 110 percent of the number of American medical graduates per year.
Similar recommendations have been embraced by advisory commissions, including the Council on Graduate Medical Education (COGME), the Physician Payment Review Commission, and the Pew Health Professions Commission.
AMA and AAMC have endorsed the addition of generalist physicians, and both the Commission on Graduate Medical Education (COGME) and the Physician Payment Review Commission (PPRC) have proposed moving toward a target of total residency positions' being 110 percent of U.S.
In its first report to Congress, the Council on Graduate Medical Education (COGME) found that despite an overall surplus of physicians, the United States has too few primary care physicians, and that family physicians are in especially short supply.
The COGME, for example, concluded that: Geographic maldistribution of health care providers and service is one of the most persistent characteristics of the American health care system.
Eighth Report: Patient Care Physician Supply and Requirements: Testing COGME Recommendations (Eighth Report).