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COGOCoordinate Geometry (Programming Language)
COGOCoalition of Geospatial Organizations
COGOContractor Owned, Government Operated
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The InP modulator product line developed over the years at COGO has all the attributes to meet the market s needs for next-generation 100 Gb/s and above transceiver development", mentioned Alain-Jacques Simard, President and CEO, TeraXion.
I am very pleased that Cogo continues to participate in the rapidly growing HDTV roll-out in China," commented Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogo.
Embora a operacao possa estar a cargo de algumas pessoas, a comunicacao popular tenta, segundo Maria Cristina Mata (apud Cogo,1998), promover a participacao de todo o grupo na elaboracao da mensagem, implicando uma definicao de comunicacao comunitaria nao mais fundamentada nos recursos tecnicos ou nos conteudos, mas amparada sobretudo no processo de producao, circulacao e uso das mensagens.
Being part of the Cogo Labs incubator has been an invaluable experience for Silber and his team.
Cogo is a pediatric intensive care consultant at the department of pediatrics, Padua University Hospital.
He also served as a director and was chairman of the finance committee of Answers Corporation, and as a director of the Spectrum Group, Cogo Group Inc.
To be voted into COGO by our peer national geospatial organizations is not only a great recognition for our organization, but is also a great way for USGIF to accomplish its mission of bringing together geospatial intelligence stakeholders," said USGIF President Keith Masback.
car2go will complement COTA and CoGo services by providing residents with the ability to pair a car2go trip with Columbus' successful bus system and bike sharing service.
It is even capable of running without a CAD application, giving its users ultimate flexibility in a COGO program.
Jeffrey Kang, CEO and Chairman of Cogo, commented, "The Audit Committee, comprising the three independent board members of Cogo, continues to make progress in the due diligence process on my proposal to purchase certain of Cogo's net assets.