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Warner created a summary statement for Reagan Scurlock, the Executive Director of COGR. In this process, Mr.
The subcommittee's pursuits manifest the goal that COGR's mediating function has always been the education of federal sponsors about academic operations and unnecessary burdens (COGR, 2001).
Its work illustrated that the principles ensured progress through shared responsibility of institutions, COGR and OMB without incurring needless burdens on each group.
In December 1976, Reagan Scurlock, Executive Director of COGR, sent a memo to the subcommittee about the NSF Grants Policy Manual (GPM), which was then about to be published.
These subcommittee and COGR successes demonstrated that there was mutual understanding that the university leaders should write the revisions of A-110 in simple and clear language for research administrators.
He explained to his colleague at Georgetown, Sam Kimble, that "Recognizing the futility of assigning this task to a federal employee," Palmer Marcantonio at OMB had suggested that COGR write the first draft of "a re-write" for subcommittee consideration.
Frick's comments were part of a subcommittee report for Reagan Scurlock at COGR. Several of his points stand out.
COGR's position had been to oppose deviations from A-110 principles.
COGR's view was that there should be one standard set of principles because federal agencies could not supersede A-110 without its consideration and that of the grant community.
This incorporation, by law, would enable public comments; and COGR should make strong efforts to get this problem resolved." In addition, Mr.
Warner noted in the margin that he was contacting George Northway to draft a COGR letter on this issue (Warner Papers, Cowen, 1977, December 21; O'Brien, 1977, December 2).
COGR has the support of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Naval Research, the major agencies that negotiate F&A rates, in arguing that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) should lift its restriction on the recovery of utility costs.