COHACouncil on Hemispheric Affairs
COHACooper's Hawk (bird species Accipiter cooperii)
COHACessation of Hostilities Agreement
COHACalifornia Outdoor Heritage Alliance
COHACanadian Oil Heat Association
COHACanadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance
COHAChurch of Hot Addiction (Cobra Starship song)
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COHA studies conducted so far have shown that African countries lose as much as 16.
0 and COHA, an additional analysis was conducted on the contemporary usage of terrific.
COHA and COCA are based on large scanned collections of American English texts from the past 202 years.
There were no significant differences in time spent in captivity, with the exception that COHA (mean [SD], 17 [+ or -] 36 days) were in captivity a significantly shorter period than GHOW (mean [SD], 45 [+ or -] 37 days) (P = .
Some Latin America analysts have said early hopes in the region for warmer ties with the Obama administration have faded, undercut in part by what was perceived as a weak and eventually counterproductive US response to a coup in Honduras, continuation of Bush-style policies toward Colombia--such as a new deal on the US use of Colombian military bases--and the lack of major movement on the long-standing US trade embargo with Cuba (Quinn 2010; COHA 2010).
A lot of those are being done by unlicensed contractors," says Denny Sadowski, chief executive officer of COHA construction and head of the Building Industry Association's Government Relations committee.
policies, and not as a legitimate measure of a country's attitude toward international terrorism," says COHA research associate Brandon Bloch.
It will surely have positive effects not just for Cuba but for the EU's currently frosty relationship with Latin America over immigration issues," COHA said in a July 10 report.
As for the abortion ban, the COHA analysis points out that the draconian measure was designed to squeeze out the last possible vote.
It reminded the warring parties of their obligation to honour the COHA and Implementation Matrix that they signed on 23 January 2014 and November 2014, respectively.
Tennessee Oncology, previously of COHA, Ultimately, this merger benefits our cancer patients in Chattanooga and Northwest Georgia.
The COHA statement quoted the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) as saying that the election would suffer a "lack of democratic legitimacy.