COHEPConsejo Hondureño de la Empresa (Spanish: Honduran Council of Private Enterprise)
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Educational talks are carried out continually in schools nationwide to create awareness on dengue and the importance of maintaining a clean environment through their Community Oriented Health Education Programme (COHEP).
L'importance d'avoir un corps enseignant plus diversifie sur le plan culturel a amene la COHEP (2007) a recommander aux etablissements de formation des enseignants de s'eloigner de leur tradition monolingue et monoculturelle, et de faciliter la carriere des enseignants issus de la diversite.
Our proposal since 2008 has been the creation of a land bank, a short-term solution that the Instituto Nacional Agrario officials have agreed with," said COHEP.
The Honduran Council for Private Enterprise (COHEP), an umbrella private sector group, and the chambers of commerce of Tegucigalpa (CCIT) and Cortes (CCIC) elected new presidents in March.
Adolfo Facusse, president of the Consejo Hondureno de la Empresa Privada (COHEP) supported the decree because it "combats the wave of speculation unleashed by monopolists." (Sources: Business News Americas, 11/22/07; Central America Report, 11/23/07; Latinamerica Press, El Tiempo (Honduras), 11/28/07)
The Honduran Council for the Private Sector (COHEP) and the Cortes Chamber of Commerce (CCIT) reported recently that the Government's inability to keep production costs down has led to the closure of 18 maquilas (apparel assembly plants) since January and a loss of more than 7,000 jobs in April and May:
His resume also includes high office in other industry organizations including steel, shipping, and oil, and director of the powerful Consejo Hondureno de la Empresa Privada (COHEP).
Benjamin Bogran, executive director of the Consejo Hondureno de la Empresa Privada (COHEP), said his organization supports Maduro because government policies ought to be directed toward eradicating poverty and reactivating the economy, and not just at macroeconomic adjustments to satisfy fiscal requirements.
27, Enrique Mejia Ucles, principal negotiator for the Consejo Hondurena de la Empresa Privada (Cohep), approaches the talks with some sense of betrayal.
Juliette Handal, president of the Consejo Hondureno de la Empresa Privada (COHEP), told a news conference in September that some plants had moved to other Central American countries, and she said that President Carlos Flores should take action instead of saying COHEP's warnings were exaggerated.