COHRCommittee for Human Rights (Manipur, India)
COHRCenter for Oral Health Research (various universities)
COHRCarnival of Hurricane Relief (publication)
COHRCongolese Observatory of Human Rights
COHRCoastal Organization of Human Resources (est. 1984; Society of Human Resources Management)
COHRCitizens Organized for Harm Reduction (Minnesota)
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Definitions/Abbreviations ATDC - After top dead center CA - Crank angle CARB - California air resources board CFD - Computational fluid dynamics COHR - Center of heat release DI - Direct injection DOE - Design of experiments ECU - Electronic control unit EGR - Exhaust-gas recirculation IMEP - Indicated mean effective pressure IVC - Intake valve closes NTC - Negative temperature coefficient PCI - Premixed compression ignition RDE - Real driving emissions RPS - Rapid prototyping system TRA - Thermodynamic realtime analysis References
A statement from the exhibition tournament organisers read: "Andy has withdrawn from the Masters Guinot Mary Cohr as a precaution after sustaining a minor injury whilst training this morning.
A statement said: "Andy has withdrawn from the Masters Guinot Mary Cohr as a precaution after sustaining a minor injury whilst training.
Qualification for this person will be a state specific exam with the prerequisites of a CDA or "equivalent education, 3500 hours of employment and CPR and 12 hours of dental assisting course work." Some believe that the COHR would help answer the states "access to care" issues.
Tickers featured: AMGN, COHR, CSCO, JPM, NTE, ORCL, SXL, T, UDRL, VEH, VZ.
Peter Horrocks of DG Environment addressed that issue, and use of carbon dioxide as a replacement for F gases was discussed by Alexander Cohr Pachai of York Refrigeration.
Tested: Mary Cohr Youth and Beauty Hand Cream, pounds 9 (call 0808 100 3102).
You can also get results with Mary Cohr's Eclat Liftant, pounds 29.95, (call 0808 100 3102), a beauty balm containing natural fruit acids to restore radiance.
She would choose Mary Cohr Eclat Liftant (pounds 29.95 - call 0808 100 3102) as a make-up base, a "beauty balm cream to instantly enhance the complexion," and Blink Contacts eye drops (pounds 4.59 from Boots and chemists) to refresh the eyes.
Cohr, Inc., filed a request for subpoena and suit in August 1998.