COHRECentre on Housing Rights and Evictions (Geneva, Switzerland)
COHRECenter for Organizational and Human Resource Effectiveness (Middle Tennessee State University)
COHRECenter for Organization and Human Resource Effectiveness (University of California, Berkeley)
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COHRE (2008) also revealed, the problems are especially acute for women in the slum.
Relying entirely on a single article by Pithouse (2006), labour sociologist Ercument Celik argues that a new regime of forced removals was initiated in 2001 (Celik 2010:168), the same year identified by Pithouse in the COHRE report (Pithouse 2008:108).
COHRE (2010) 'Brazil: World Cup and Olympics put housing rights at risk'.
For example, the joint report CALS issued with COHRE on Johannesburg's redevelopment policy not only served as a basis for the City of Johannesburg litigation, but CALS also plans to use that same report over the longer term "to raise national and international awareness of evictions and relocations in Johannesburg and to begin lobbying government to consider alternatives to the status quo.
20, 2007) ("The plight of [the residents] was first brought to public attention in a May 2005 report co-authored by researchers from the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) and COHRE.
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The allocation principles and relocation of people were never really discussed with communities on beforehand (see also COHRE 2009).
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For more on the Planning and Construction Law (1965), see: COHRE & Badil, Ruling Palestine: A History of Legally Sanctioned Jewish-Israeli Seizure of Land and Housing in Palestine, May 2005, pp.