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COHSEConfederation of Health Service Employees (UK)
COHSEConceptual Open Hypermedia Services Environment
COHSECenter for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering
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Another former COHSE general secretary, David Williams, said: "Bert's sincerity and concern for people in general made him stand out from the crowd.
Campbell-Saviours himself responded to Mates' criticism by arguing that COHSE sponsorship involved no direct financial benefit to himself.
If the worst fears of health workers' union COHSE are realised, 3000 hospital jobs will have gone from the Greater Glasgow area by the time the new complex opens in two years.
Different worker perceptions in the two periods are reflected not only in their decisions as to whether or not to join a union, but also in which unions they chose to join: witness the fact that the relatively militant COHSE and NUPE enjoyed substantial growth in the 1970s (Taylor 1980), whereas the "professional" RCN did better in the 1980s, perhaps because it seemed to a higher proportion of nurses to be in tune with the spirit of that decade (Beaumont and Elliot 1989).
She spoke of her pride at being one of just three women out of 13 regional bosses, but the first to be appointed since the merger of white collar union NALGO with health service unions NUPE and COHSE nearly five years ago.
On the other hand, two unions with substantial National Health Service memberships, NUPE and COHSE, continued to lose heavily in 1987.
They were CoHSE, the Confederation of Health Service Employees, and NUPE, the National Union of Public Employees.