COIBComité Olympique et Interfédéral Belge (Belgium)
COIBConflicts of Interest Board
COIBCentralny Osrodek Informacji Budownictwa (Polish: Central Information Center of Construction; Poland)
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The Daily News" March series on councilmembers' finances relied in part on COIB reversing an earlier decision to conceal the street addresses of properties owned by Councilmembers, The New York Times in 2009 reported on the close ties between COIB members--who monitor hundreds of mayoral appointees and the mayor himself and Mayor Bloomberg's official and philanthropic activities, And after Bloomberg in 2008 got Ron Lauder's support for the term-limits suspension by promising to appoint Lauder to a charter revision commission that would revisit the issue, good government groups complained that if was illegal for the mayor to use such an appointment for political gain, The COIB cleared the mayor's conduct,
After Bloomberg finally appointed that charter commission (sans Lauder) in March 2010, the panel spent some time considering changes to the COIB itself, Many who testified before the commission wanted the board to have an independent budget, so that it was not dependent for its life-blood on the officials whom it regulates, The board sought subpoena power, so that it could run its own probes and not have to rely on the Department of Investigations, And good government groups wanted the comptroller and public advocate to appoint members of the COIB, which is now composed entirely of mayoral appointees.
But COIB chairman Steven Rosenfeld notes that the board and staff don't have to hire "live" trainers to carry out the new mandate; they could instead use the Internet, or train staff at city agencies to do the training themselves.
The COIB was created in the wake of the Koch administration scandals, and since then New York has avoided any major municipal corruption mess, But that doesn't mean the conflict of interest laws are performing as well as they could.
An analysis of the changing themes that the COB and COIB undertook runs throughout Renson's history.
That was Jacques Rogge's view of the future of Belgian sports as he took over the COIB in 1989.
The change from sportsmen to business leaders running the COB and COIB mirrors the changing financial situation of this sport organization.