COIIICytochrome Oxidase Subunit III Gene
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The alignments of the sequences were verified with the respective translation of amino acids for COI and COIII.
The sequence composition for each genetic region and the nucleotide substitutions per site at each codon position between species pairs for COI and COIII were analyzed.
In the latter case, only COI and COIII were used because of the availability of sequences of Octopus mimus in GenBank for those 2 gene regions.
tarentolae tanto en el orden (12S, 9S, ND8, ND9, MURF5, ND7, COIII, CyB-G4, ND4, ND3, RPS12 y ND5), como en la posicion, longitud y secuencia de los genes.
Mas aun la orientacion de la transcripcion de los genes parece ser identica, en donde los genes 12S, 9S, ND8, ND7, COIII, CyB, ND4, RPS12 y ND5, se transcriben de la hebra sentido, mientras que los genes ND9, MURF5 y ND3 son transcritos a partir de la hebra anti-sentido.
de acceso al GenBank M94286) se observaron diferencias marcadas con relacion al tamano de las regiones pre-editadas de los genes codificantes para ND7 y COIII presentando diferencias de 406-460 nts.
Among the three hundred and three blacklip individuals, a high level of haplotype diversity was observed in the ND3/ COIII region (Table 2).
DEBY oysters have a high frequency of two mtDNA haplotypes at the COI and COIII genes that are commonly found in oysters from the Gulf of Mexico but rare in Chesapeake Bay populations (Reeb & Avise 1990, Hare et al.
PCR amplifications of the COIII gene region used the primers (forward: 5'- ATT TAG TTG ATC CTA GGC CTT G-3'; reverse: 5'-ACT CAA ACC ACA TCT ACA AAA T-3') of Milbury (2003).
Presence of A-T-rich runs within the amplified COIII fragment repeatedly caused obvious frame-shift errors in British Columbia specimens at positions 287, 288, presumably during the amplification cycles, thereby rendering direct sequencing of this region impossible.
A complete sequence of the cloned Lasaea COIII gene has been deposited in Genbank (accession number X78288).
With the exception of one A to T transversion in the COIII coding region, all nucleotide changes were transitions.