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Once it fell about the short neck of Horta, the boar, and his mad lunge for freedom toppled Tarzan from the overhanging limb where he had lain in wait and from whence he had launched his sinuous coil.
One stride beyond she took--a second, a third, and then the silent coil shot out above her.
In that moment, down came the Invincible, with the rush of a whirlwind -- the courtly world rose to its feet and bent forward -- the fateful coils went circling through the air, and before you could wink I was towing Sir Launcelot across the field on his back, and kissing my hand to the storm of waving kerchiefs and the thunder-crash of applause that greeted me!
I slipped my lasso from the horn of my saddle, and grasped the coil in my right hand.
Once at the top it required but a moment to gather the dangling rope once more into its coils, make it fast again at his waist, take a quick glance downward within the palisade, and, assured that no one lurked directly beneath him, drop softly to the ground.
At dawn she got up and went listlessly and sat down on the cable coil again.
Key words: Helmholtz coils, uniform magnetic field, COMSOL simulation, magnetic measurements
Other domestic major producers of such coils are China Steel Corporation, Sheng Yu Steel Co.
PCT says the major benefits for pipe producers will be elimination of coil failure during yard storage, elimination of coil rejection by end users, and a reduction in transport costs by manufacturing coils with reduced internal diameters, a]lowing longer coil lengths with the same overall volume.
There were seven coils of nominally 1,000-feet (Figure 4), and 12 coils of nominally 500 feet laid into open-cut trench dug with a tracked trenching machine.
The coils are flexible enough to fill the aneurysm's individual shape.
Since this initial research, AE measurement technique for SC coils has been studied in some institutes, and causes of AE induced from SC coils have been considered to be flux motion, strain effect and wire motion [1-4].