COIMChimica Organica Industriale Milanese (Italian manufacturer)
COIMCheckout Interpreter (Software) Module (NASA)
COIMConsole Operator Interface Module (Motorola)
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However, these methods are usually not well suited for complex processes of COIM where cavity pressure and temperature measurements provide no information about the internal boundary of the layered components and the core dimension, which can be critical for part performance and process cost.
For such purposes, developed high temperature (HT) piezoelectric film ultrasonic transducers (UTs) [23, 24] have been integrated onto the mold insert of a COIM machine.
In the experiments, injection grade ABS (Magnum 342EZ) for the skin and second core and polycarbonate (PC: CALIBRE 200) for the first core were employed to produce COIM parts.
Figure 3a and b show the paths of ultrasonic observed at the UT locations with COIM using an ultrasonic pulse-echo technique, where only first core arrives at the UT1 located near the end of the mold cavity in Fig.
Figure 4a and b show the typical results of acquired signals with the UT1 and UT2, respectively, during one cycle of COIM when the setting core volume percentage was 58% (part no.
Thus, a real-time ultrasonic thickness measurement of the parts, involving the skin and core layer thicknesses, was conducted during COIM process.
In COIM, the dimension of the core in the molded part affects the performance and mechanical properties of molded parts.
Real-time, nonintrusive, and nondestructive monitoring of COIM process has been performed using integrated HTUT sensors.
List of key industry participants: Aicar, Air Products and Polymers, Alchemie Ltd, AOC, Ashland Specialty Chemicals, Atofina (Cray Valley), Axson, BIP, COIM SpA, Chemval Srl, Chimar Hellas SA, Cytec Industries Ltd, Deltech Corporation, Dow Chemicals, DSM, Duna Polymers Srl, Durez, Dynea, Emerson & Cuming, Fers Resins SA, Gremolith Ltd, Hexcel Composites, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Huntsman Advanced Materials, Lonza, MGS Kunstharzprodukte GmbH, Perstorp Compounds, Poliya, Raschig, Reichhold, Resoltech, Scott Bader, Sirca SpA, SP Systems, Spolchemie, UK Epoxy Resins, Vyncolit, Wessek resins and adhesives ltd
Grower's Secret Professional is made from 100% edible materials, and it is OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) and COIM (California Organic Input Material, managed by CDFA, California Department of Food and Agriculture) listed.