COINECultural Objects in Networked Environments
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Coine and Babbitt provide a lot of insight as to what has worked well for companies and what hasn't.
The Chairman and Founder of Switch and Shift, and a Forbes Top 10 Social Influencer, Ted Coine brings a fascinating perspective to the panel, Today's Hotbed: Social, Technology and Strategy.
As funny as he is (in print as well as onstage), Parker's ability to take a step back and look at the larger picture is something that might coine in handy during these times.
at 508 ("appertient al Roy solement de metter value al coine, & faire le price del quantitie, & de metter print a ceo; le quel esteant fait, le coine est currant").
To see a strange out-landish Fowle, A quaint Baboon, an Ape, an Owle, A dancing Beare, a Gyants bone, A foolish Ingin move alone, A Morris-dance, a Puppit play, Mad Tom to sing a Roundelay, A Woman dancing on a Rope, Bull-baiting also at the Hope; A Rimers Iests, a Iugglers cheats, A Tumbler shewing cunning feats, Or Players acting on the Stage, There goes the bounty of our Age: But unto any pious motion, There's little coine, and less devotion.
The pages 302-309 of this book ( No una coine, sino dos coines: Salonica y Estambul) represent one of the finest chapters of Sociolinguistics ever published.
In 1586, historian William Camden wrote that Binchester was "well knowne to them that dwell therabout, both in reason of the heapes of rubbish and the reliques of walls yet to be seene and for peeces of Romane coine often digged up which they call Binchester penies."
ABSTRACT: Not only in its conceptual reconstruction but also in the straightforward application of Badiou's thought its problems and tensions coine to light.
Finally, the comments of the duke on imprisoning Servio seem based on the assumption that he is a merchant, a moneylender, or both: "Now Seruio you haue good time to cast account, / What interest and profit you haue raysd, / By yong Sempronios plate and coine" (1566-68).