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COINTELPROCounter Intelligence Program
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The FBI's secret operations were verified in the 1970s, when the Senate put together the Church Committee to investigate the FBI and COINTELPRO. One committee member, Sen.
It was the men that they were after, especially COINTELPRO, because J.
I will not let go of the fact that I know cointelpro exists."
The secret NSA program returned executive branch activities to the unchecked practices of COINTELPRO. The intensification of militant rhetoric in 1968 documents and speeches by RYM (Radical Youth Movement) members and radicals like Fred Hampton caught the attention of FBI agents operating under the aegis of COINTELPRO, the intelligence-gathering operation implemented by the FBI in the US during the middle of the twentieth century.
We need to reveal, stigmatize and deter the repression itself, as was done with Cointelpro in 1971.
We need to reveal, stigmatize, and deter the repression itself, as was done with Cointelpro in 1971.
Wu argues that activism of this period was not entirely fractious, despite separatism, intense personal rivalries between leaders, disagreements over ideology and strategy, and the destructive interference of COINTELPRO, the FBI program to infiltrate and disrupt radical organizations.
He defies the director's orders to cease and desist investigating the heinous murders, whose deaths are linked to COINTELPRO, a highly explosive secret government counter-intelligence program.
In the course of a few hours, they stole more than a thousand classified documents outlining the existence of a huge surveillance apparatus, nicknamed COINTELPRO, put in place by J.
The bureau went beyond surveillance to mount, in the committee's words, a "sophisticated vigilante operation" called COINTELPRO to "disrupt" and "neutralise" dissent, turning counterintelligence techniques developed for use against foreign enemies on students protesting the Vietnam War, civil rights groups and nonviolent leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr.
Edgar Hoover conducted the dreaded COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence program).