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COIPCommunication over Ip
COIPCordless over Ip
COIPConference over Ip
COIPCanada-Ontario Infrastructure Program
COIPCentre Ontarien d'Information en Prévention (French: Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse)
COIPCommunications Over Internet Protocol
COIPCommunity Outreach Intervention Projects (Chicago, IL)
COIPConferencing Over Internet Protocol
COIPCouncil of Indigenous People (Taiwan)
COIPCaribbean Organisation of Indigenous People
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COIP (Codigo Organico Integral Penal, 2014) Registro Oficial No 180.
By combining enterprise application workloads with an overlay virtual security infrastructure, the CoIP Cloud-Ready Enclave protects workloads using consistent security policies with automatic and dynamic security implementation.
Clearly, policy communication is not a simple issue, nor is it a process that has been clearly defined in the COIP context.
In fact, CoIP for Nox4 shows a decrease in matrin 3 binding in sample treated with plumbagin (Figure 7(b)).
Similarly, the operationalization of community-oriented Internet participation (COIP) employed in this article involves items that measure both information gathering and taking part in online discussions about one's neighborhood.
US-based Black Hills Coip. said that its subsidiary Black Hills Exploration & Production, Inc., through its subsidiary Mallon Oil Co., Sucursal Costa Rica, is working with the government to obtain execution of an oil and gas lease concession contract to allow for exploration of 2.3 million acres of land in northern Costa Rica.
We've all heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), get ready for CoIP."
As I drove on, I imagined a new set of VoIP spin-offs: Maybe people will someday use CoIP (confession over IP) to transmit their wrongdoings to the Pope.
Professional orientation and initiation courses (Cours d'orientation et d'inititation professionelle (COIP) of the Centre national de formation professionelle continue (CNFPC)) were created in the early 1980s for youngsters aged 15-18 leaving school without a qualification so as to facilitate the school-to-work transition for them.