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COIRCommand Operation and Information Request
COIRContinuity of Operations - Incident Response
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"We want to show that coconut coir can be used in a wide range of products.
Coir doesn't always last past a season, but she says it's worth buying because coir is best at snow removal.
*Do you know that in horticulture, coir is a substitute for sphagnum moss because it is free of bacteria and fungal spores;
The raw coir fibers were chopped into lengths of approximately 4-6 mm and then sieved through a 40-mesh sieve.
Coco Coir is an all-natural growing medium made from ground coconut husks popular among commercial and home growers and other indoor and outdoor gardening operations.
Kaagapmuco will then process the coco coir using a manual loom.
The sheets are then heat-pressed into the desired shape, while retaining the organic appearance of coir on the surface.
The study was centred in Pipili, Banmalipur for applique work, in Satsankh and Sakhigopal area for coir craft and in Raghurajpur and Dandasahi for patta painting.
Gopinath says expertise across different areas need to be interlinked, and there has to be an outreach of the art of creation in coir products, taking it even to school students in order to enlarge the scope and marketability of coir products.
Significant differences in fatigue life have been reported in studies on coir reinforced PP composites, in which improvement of the interface was achieved by adding a compatibilizer, since addition of coir to PP without compatibilizer reduced fatigue life when compared to virgin PP.
The corms of the single variety of tuberose was sown in 9 inch pots by using poultry manure, leaf compost and farm yard manure (FYM) in combination with coconut coir and sand in 1:1 ratio.
Moreover, incorporation of coir fiber and compost lowered pH, maintained optimum EC and increased organic matter of conventional medium that helped improve nutrient uptake by the plants.