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COIRCenter for Online Investigative Research (website)
COIRContinuity of Operations - Incident Response
COIRCommand Operation and Information Request
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The result of fiber volume fraction 80% of sisal fiber and 20% of coir fiber with araldite resin in 5mm specimen, same process of mixing sisal and coir fiber with araldite resin in 3mm specimen that two specimen were tested.
Coco Coir is an all-natural growing medium made from ground coconut husks popular among commercial and home growers and other indoor and outdoor gardening operations.
Kaagapmuco will then process the coco coir using a manual loom.
The magnitude of impact is more on the applique and patta painting craft and least on the coir craft.
Gopinath says expertise across different areas need to be interlinked, and there has to be an outreach of the art of creation in coir products, taking it even to school students in order to enlarge the scope and marketability of coir products.
State Minister for Revenue and Coir in Kerala, Adoor Prakash, said that such events provide a platform to market the traditional products.
In this context, the objective of this study was to assess the effect of fiber and compatibilizer content on the fatigue life of coir reinforced PP composites.
Plant height (cm): It is observed from the Table 2 that the T6 (coconut coir + FYM, 1:1) showed maximum plant height of 41.
Moreover, incorporation of coir fiber and compost lowered pH, maintained optimum EC and increased organic matter of conventional medium that helped improve nutrient uptake by the plants.
Made from local wood and coir, the beds have been traditionally used all over Afghanistan.
Coir waste, a soil conditioner, contain 42% organic carbon and C:N ratio is 75:1.