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COISCouncil of International Schools (Hampshire, UK)
COISCoaching Operation Information System (India)
COISCombat Operations Intelligence System
COISComputer Operations and Information Services (University of California, Berkeley)
COISCorporate Operations Information Services
COISCountry of Origin Service (UK)
COISCross of Iron Sturmtruppe (gaming clan)
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The purpose of the cyclical review is to establish a scheduled, published and resourced review process that will use criteria defined in the evaluation step to identify candidate concepts created by users and COIs for inclusion into the enterprise model baseline.
Each withdrawal would reduce capital and, in an Option 1, A, designed death benefit, the very next month the COIs would increase to cover the cost of the increased amount at risk.
Therefore, for each pair of environments we compared distances derived from COIs to distance defined as (1 - r), where r is the correlation of line means in one environment of the pair to the line means in the other environment.
In the DoD, the terms Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Communities of Interest (COIs) are both employed.
Disclosure is an important first step towards identifying, assessing and responding to COIs. (6) We are not aware of any previous studies have assessed authors' COI disclosures in systematic reviews of health policy and systems research (HPSR).
Therefore, for the calculation of UCRs, the values of COIs of allopathic and herbal therapies (Table 3) were: Rs.5.56/-billion (US$ 53.46/-million) and Rs.4.05/- billion (US$ 38.94/- million) for common cold, Rs.218.07/- billion (US$ 2 billion and 96.83/- million) (Syed et al., 2017) and Rs.171.25/- billion (US$ 1 billion and 646.63/- million) for depression and finally Rs.1.84/- billion (US$ 17.69/- million) and Rs.1.7/- billion (US$ 16.35/- million) for trauma.
The mean age of Poomsae athletes with COIs observed in this study was slightly higher (Table 1) than the mean age of competitors with COI from a recent study by Koh (40 years vs.
We deploy these theories and cases to account for varying degrees of change and examine the role of COIs in the policy change process.
"In the coming years, there will be a lot more life insurance policies entering the life settlement market because of these COI increases," he said.
Having had mixed results as a young advisor casting a wide net for COIs (see sidebar on page 30), Swiderski found success once he narrowed his range of targets.
In a recent IRMI [International Risk Management Institute] Expert Commentary, David Dybdahl disclosed that when his risk management firm audited hundreds of COIs and their underlying policies over a period of years, they found that more than 90% had at least one material misrepresentation between the liability coverage shown on the COI and that provided by the actual underlying policy.
Under Reliance 21, the Science and Technology Executive Committee (S&T ExCom) has divided the DoD R&E Portfolio into 17 Communities of Interest (COIs) that reach across all components (Table 2).