COISTCompany Intelligence Support Team (US DoD)
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Although the Army's original intent for the MI company COIST concept was for commanders within BCTs to allocate their COIST support to companies according to changing mission requirements, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division (1/25th SBCT) habitually aligns one COIST Soldier per maneuver company.
A COIST's role involves information-handling and calls on skills like data analysis, report-writing, making assessments and delivering presentation briefings.
A COIST's information collection comes primarily through patrol prebriefings and debriefings and information collected through Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment (HIIDE) or Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit (SEEK) systems.
There are multiple Internet-based, data-mining tools to assist intelligence analysts and CoISTs. While the military intelligence program of record remains the Distributed Common Ground System--Army, it is rarely available in engineer battalions and is nonexistent at the company level.
The leader of the 591st COIST was a sergeant first class from the company operations section.
"Celtic will be so 'up' for this game," said Mc- Coist.
As a result, 2/82 recommends repurposing the COIST analysts to form a BCT exploitation cell (and potentially a strike cell integrated with fires representatives) at the tactical unmanned aircraft system headquarters.
The company intelligence support team (generally referred to as CoIST) has the capability of accessing NIPR and SIPR systems.
Following a field exercise in May 2010, the 54th Engineer Battalion directed its three line companies to restructure themselves and add a new team--a company intelligence support team (CoIST)--to their headquarters sections.
Additionally, the four newly acquired Soldiers would also serve as the company armorer; the chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) specialist; the company intelligence support team (CoIST) specialist; and the training/administrative clerk.
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Each battalion was allocated a hardstand building with four rooms for its CoIST cells requiring roughly four SIPRNet connections including Tactical Ground Reporting System , SVOIP phone, Advanced SINCGARS Improvement Program radio-simulator, and a workstation for e-mail and chat capability.